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electrum dark official bounty Campaign

Electrum dark is a next generation, de-centralized marketplace. We would like to invite you to participate in our project to help spread the word
 and to learn about our goals and progress. We welcome you to write and share posts about ELD. You will be rewarded for receiving feedback in the form of likes, followers, or views. The sooner you get started the more tokens you can earn. Tokens will be awarded after end of bounty compaign

Requirements for YouTube videos and video sharing: Maximum of 3 videos Channel must be at least 1 month old and public Videos must be more than 2 minutes long Video description must contain a link to Videos that do not have a human voice-over will only receive half the bounty listed. REWARD : Basic 500 ELD Medium 2500 ELD Extraordinary 5000 ELD


Tweet or retweet posts on twitter containing ALL of the following hashtags: #electrumdark #eld #bounty #bitcoin #ethereum. 1. Follow @electrumdark on Twitter 2. Tweet or retweet content from or about the official @electrumdark Requirements: You must be a @electrumdark follower. Your Account must be at least 3 months old. Only Tweets containing all of the listed hashtags qualify. Your Tweets must be public. You must be a @electrumdark follower. You can qualify for this bounty with a maximum of 10 tweets and 10 re-tweets per week. Retweets must be retweeted from the official @electrumdark channel. Maximum amount of tweets or retweets to qualify for this bounty is 2 per day. Please do not spam your Tweets. Tweets must be spread out within a period of at least 5 days. You will only get counted for 1 Tweet if you Tweet all 10 tweets in a day.

Blog Bounty

We welcome you to blog about Electrumdark. Your blog can be published anywhere on the internet that is publicly accessible. It can be written in any language. Requirements: 1. Must have 1000 characters or more without spaces. 2. Must contain at least 2 links to 3. Must have unique content (ANN translations do not count) 4. Plagiarism is prohibited (including translations). Offenders will be banned Reward We will divide blogs into three different categories. ELD will be allocated according to how much effort you put into your blog post. Basic 250 ELD Medium 500 ELD Extraordinary 1000 ELD

Medium Bounty

Follow our Medium at and applaud to our posts. Create a story on your profile about electrumdark platform Requirements: 1. Your Medium account must be original. No fake, bot, or dead accounts. 2. Your account at least 5 followers and it must be active and regular. 3. Your account must be open as a Public Profile. REWARD : Basic 500 ELD Medium 2500 ELD Extraordinary 5000 ELD

Bounty duration
electrum dark bounty scheme will run for 12 weeks from starting at 04/06/2018 and ending at 04/09/2018
During those weeks, electrum dark team will monitor each of the relevant websites and channels for ELD related activity, recording details of participant’s efforts.
Once the 12 week bounty period is over, participant activity will be assessed, ELD rewards will be calculated, and details of the reward distribution will be announced.
Verified bounty participants will have their ELD tokens sent to their ERC-20 compatible wallet shortly after – wallet addresses must be provided when registering/claiming your involvement.

maximum of

500,000 ELD token to be distributed