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electrumdark token swap 

Hello Electrumdark community
We are very excited to announce a major upgrade to the ELD Token in order to keep our project alive and operational ( lack of funds issue )
We will be conducting a swap from the current ELD to our new token, “ELD” (electrumdark Token)
SWAP Deadline : 22/05/2020

The benefits of this are:

- Our ERC-20 Contract has been updated to be inline with the most recent ERC-20 standards and to incorporate several new security features into the token itself, along with faster transactions. - increase total number of ELD tokens issued ( 15 % of new token supply will be used for economics and development, exchanges listing and advertising ) - keep electrumdark project alive and operational ( this is the only way to save ELD future

You can view the ELD new smart contract on Etherscan:
the official electrumdark website. It is STRONGLY recommended to read the entirety of this manual prior to attempting the token swap.
Electrumdark Swap process :
1. Preparation
Before beginning, please ensure that you have an ERC20 wallet containing ELD old tokens, and an email address. You need to have access to your ERC20 wallet’s private key and/or keystore, as well as your password. Please do not attempt to send ELD tokens directly using a hardware or exchange wallet.
2. Send tokens to electrumdark swap address :
Send your tokens to the electrumdark swap Address. You can find the swap Address here (0x846cf58a40a1f24b81238901d4fd35d08e99e675) After sending your tokens, be sure to copy the transaction hash.
3. Send an email to [email protected]
After sending your tokens to the electrumdark swap Address, please send an email to [email protected] Be sure to include the following information:
● The transaction hash
● Your ERC20 wallet address
● The number of tokens you sent to the Electrumdark swap Address
4. Wait
Wait for a reply from the electrumdark team confirming the receipt of tokens. The team will usually reply within two business days.
Please Beware
When sending tokens to the electrumdark swap Account Address, please be sure that your ERC20 wallet has enough ETH to pay for the gas fee. Also, be sure that you have properly copied swap Address. If you send your tokens to another address, your tokens may be lost. Most importantly, please be sure to read and follow the swap process
About Troubleshooting
Wait for a reply If you find that the electrumdark Token Swap and this article are still insufficient for you to comfortably conduct the token swap, please contact a member of the electrumdark team on Telegram.
Please Note :
Safety of digital asset for ELD token holders is very important to ELD team. We recommend ELD Token Swap through our website for user convenience and safety. Do not fall for scams that claim to be ELD team members or use spoofed website.